İlyas Cihan Aksoy, Mehmet Metin Mutlu, Yalçın Alver
International Journal of Engineering and Innovative Research
Publication year: 2021

Over the last few decades, rapidly growing cities in terms of population and land use have led to many transportation-based problems such as longer travel times, traffic congestion, traffic crashes, and air and noise pollution. Increasing the modal share of transit systems appears to be one of the most effective methods to solve transportation-based problems. However, transit systems, particularly in countries having limited resources, should be used efficiently to achieve sustainable urban mobility. Even only adjusting frequencies of transit lines, with no infrastructure investment cost requirements, can provide a more efficient transit system. In this paper, a transit frequency setting model based on the Firefly Algorithm (FA), which is a relatively new metaheuristic, for the transportation network design problems is presented to minimize total user cost under a fleet size constraint. The proposed model is performed on a 10-route Mandl’s Test Network using different combinations of parameters to demonstrate the effect of parameter values on the solution quality. After that, the best solution of 30 solutions obtained by the calibrated parameter values is compared to the existing frequency set of the 10-route transit network. The results show that the FA can obtain better frequency sets by selecting the proper values for the parameters.

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