Mervegül Uysal, Yalcin Alver
13th International Congress on Advances in Civil Engineering
Publication year: 2018

From the beginning of the 20th century, developments in science and technology and the increase in population have brought rapid and uncontrolled urbanization. An automobile and city relation comes at the beginning of transportation problems. Parking problems are the least considered transportation problems.
In this study, it is aimed to shed light on the car park choice behavior in Izmir. Selected multi story and on-street car parks in Izmir Alsancak region have been examined. The factors affecting the preferences of those who use these car parks have been examined. Data was collected with the help of surveys given in the scope of the study. The drivers were asked about their socio-economic characteristics, travel information and car parks. The obtained data were modeled by the logit model.
At the end of the study, variables affecting parking choice were determined. These variables were gender, purpose of the trip, travel time and walking distance to final destination. The effects of the variables in the study were tried to be explained. According to the obtained results from the surveys and logit models, solution proposals are given related to parking problems in the observed areas.

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