Yalcin ALVER, Mizokami SHOSHI
Journal of Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, Volume 7, Pp 1745-1759.
Publication year: 2007

This study investigates the effects of Transit Information Systems (TIS). TIS are wide range of systems that provide travelers information about travel options such as; travel times, delays and/or incidents. In this study, the important transit information types and their service levels are investigated in Izmir City, Turkey. The study focused on the transit users; considered information types for different transit mode segments were identified. In addition, accepted information types for non-transit users to consider transit as an alternative commute mode was investigated. For these purposes, a stated preference scenario was prepared which included the considered important information types of respondents and a function of their actual travel time. In this study, static pre-transit information systems were considered. Results indicated that considered TIS between transit and non-transit users are not much different from each other. However, considered TIS among different transit mode segments is significantly different.

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