İlyas Cihan Aksoy, Mehmet Metin Mutlu, Yalçın Alver
Gazi University Journal of Science
Publication year: 2021

In this study, an optimization model for road maintenance scheduling is proposed. The proposed model determines a maintenance schedule for a given set of links in an urban road network, that minimizes the total travel time during the maintenance period under a set of assumptions and a particular crew number constraint. It is assumed that all lanes of a road to be repaired are closed to traffic during the maintenance. Ant Colony Optimization (ACO), a suitable algorithm for discrete transportation problems, is employed in the proposed model. The model generates a set of roads to be closed for each maintenance day. The total travel time during the whole maintenance period is calculated using the deterministic user equilibrium assignment model. The proposed model is applied to a test network, and more efficient schedules in terms of total travel time are obtained compared to randomly generated schedules.

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